Green politics for SA’s Khoisan?

The way SA – generally – allows the expression of protest is something special. We love that a group of Indigenous people casually setting up camp outside government’s most important building for THREE years has barely made headlines. And now, the Khoisan have decided to add a greenhouse to their spot on the lush lawns of Pretoria’s Union Buildings and… potentially grow weed.

You can’t make this stuff up. Are they hoping to smoke Ramaphosa out? 😂 Honestly, can you imagine this happening outside, say, Germany’s Bundestag? Mein Gott! The group’s demands include: being recognised as South Africa’s first nation; their language, Khoekhoegowab, being made official; being referred to as the Khoisan and not as coloured, and possession of their ancestors’ land being returned to them. The DA is calling for the group to be removed, (of course it is). But really, they’re just a group of people, standing in front of the Union Buildings, asking it to accept them. 🤭

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