Free Britney!

We’ve told you previously about the trials and tribulations of one Britney Spears. The ‘90s pop icon fell from grace and has been locked into a bizarre “conservatorship” for 13 years, giving her father James and team full control over her life and finances while leaving her powerless. For years fans have wondered if she’s OK; her social media posts left many convinced she was pretending or being forced to act the part. Seems they were right. Leaked audio from her court testimony, which focused on her father’s role in the conservatorship, reveals in frightening detail how even a powerful celebrity can be exploited. 

The worst part of the leak is her claim that she hasn’t been allowed to remove a contraceptive IUD and fall pregnant with her boyfriend. This is a possible violation of her Constitutional rights. 

In the audio, Britney says her father loved every moment of her suffering and having control over his powerful daughter. The testimony shocked experts.

So, after all that, we’re a bit devastated by today’s news: the judge has denied Britney’s request to have her father removed from the conservatorship. CNN reports that, to make matters more bizarre, James Spears has asked the court to investigate his daughter’s allegations that she was medicated with lithium and made to perform against her will.

It is so sad that someone who was part of many other girls’ growth hasn’t been given a chance to do some growing up of her own. Free Britney!

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