You have an $18 000 art piece in your house, you just can’t see it

Find a square meter in your house, cordon it off with some tape and present it to people as a piece of art. Then sell it. Sounds ridiculous right? Obviously, but it happened. On 16 May, Italian artist Salvatore Garau presented his invisible sculpture to the public. He called it Buddha in contemplations; the artist lists “air and spirit” as the installation’s mediums.

The nothingness fetched $18 000 when it went up for sale. We’re not kidding. When questioned about his work, the artist said ‘You do not see it but it exists; it is made of air and spirit. It is a work that asks you to activate the power of imagination, a power that anyone has, even those who don’t think they have it”, he likened it to people buying into the god they have never seen. We’d liken it to the empty promises politicians make, and that people keep buying. The emperor really is without clothes. 😬

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