Accountability Monitor: It’s a justice bonanza!

We know we keep telling you “the wheels of justice turn slowly” and you keep asking, quite rightly, when are people going to jail? Well, it’s happening!

This week saw the most high profile arrest to date in the state capture saga, along with charges brought against the Gupta brothers, their wives, and others, related to a dodgy Free State deal that paved the way for the infamous Estina Dairy scandal. That’s the one where money meant to help poor cattle farmers instead paid for a gaudy Gupta wedding in 2013 at Sun City.  

Speaking of gaudy, one of their key allies, local businessman Iqbal Sharma, was arrested and denied bail, as he’d probably flee given half a chance. Sharma and his celeb wife Tareena Patel have often shown off their hideous Morningside Bollywood-styled mansion on Top Billing and social media. Now that mansion, along with loads of other assets belonging to them and the Guptas, has been attached by authorities. Yes, that includes the Saxonwold compound. Things are finally moving. 

You’ll recall the Guptas fled to Dubai in 2018 when they sensed the looting game was up? Well, the UAE has signed an extradition agreement against the Guptas that will give South Africa the right and ability to bring the infamous family to book. We could only apply for extradition once criminal charges were brought, which is why we weren’t able to force them to appear before the Zondo commission. 

And that’s not all! Remember how the brother of the EFF’s deputy leader Floyd Shivambu was implicated in the VBS Mutual Bank saga of pilfering pensioner money? Last week Daily Maverick revealed that the younger Shivambu will pay back the R4.5 million he received, signing an agreement admitting that there was no underlying basis for the payment. The ice is thinning under EFF leader Julius Malema and Floyd Shivambu too. 

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Do you see light at the end of this long anti-corruption tunnel? We sure do. 

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