No thanks to three children – Chinese parents

“Even one is exhausting.”

We’re dying with laughter at the response of Chinese parents to their government’s decision this week to allow them to have three children. We’re sure the parents of toddlers can relate. 😜

But there’s a deep social issue here. 

China has tried to socially engineer its people, often in brutal ways, but human nature just doesn’t work like that. After decades of its controversial one-child policy (introduced in 1979), authorities tried to change things when population growth slowed, affecting its workforce. But you can’t just flip a switch on something like that. There was barely any response to China’s two-child policy, introduced in 2016. Experts think allowing a third child won’t work, and citizens seem to agree. Many cited the cost of living, calling on government for child subsidies. Chinese workers notoriously have incredibly punishing work schedules, with some companies adopting the 996 policy: work from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, 6 days a week. 

If Chinese authorities can’t get their citizens to produce more worker bees, let this be a lesson to them. Families who did not obey the initial one-child policy rule faced fines, loss of employment and were sometimes forced into abortion.😐 There was possible female infanticide as families preferred male children, leading to a gender imbalance. Cruel policies create cruel results.

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