Adulting 101

Eskom has warned there’s a high probability of load-shedding this week. Check your schedule and charge your devices. Other than that, this week we’re looking at inflation – the overall increase in the price of goods and services. It’s usually an indication that things are a little out of balance in the economy, and unfortunately, we’re the ones paying the price. 🙃

Here’s how much more BusinessTech reported you’ll be paying for the following items:

  • Fuel: +21.4%
  • Oils and fats: +16.7%
  • Fish: +8.1%
  • Books, newspapers and stationery: +8.1%
  • Sugar, sweets and desserts: +8%
  • Milk, eggs and cheese: +7.8%
  • Meat: +7.1%
  • Electricity and other fuels: +6.4%
  • Vegetables: +6.3%

We suggest looking for better deals on groceries and other items, so you don’t get a surprise when your regular budget suddenly falls short. 

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