#Adulting 101

This week in our newish series we’re looking at the cost of electricity, vaccination sites, and the City of Johannesburg’s new debt rehabilitation programme. 

  • The cost of electricity 

The COJ has scrapped its ridiculous planned charge for prepaid customers after a public outcry. Go team! Had the COJ gone ahead with plans, as of 1 July you would have had to pay R200 extra for your household, and R400 for your business. Phew! 

Buuut… if you’re not a prepaid electricity user, then expect a 14.59% electricity tariff hike for the COJ that will kick in on 1 July – if the proposal is approved. We’re sorry, we know it sucks. 

  • Debt rehabilitation programme

Speaking of the COJ, if you’ve racked up a big municipal account, the city has revamped its existing debt rehabilitation programme to help people out during Covid. You could qualify for up to 50% off your existing debt. You have until the end of July to apply. The new policy has increased the qualifying property value from R600 000 to R1.5 million, and how much you get off depends on what you earn. To apply, hit the link here or google COJ debt rehabilitation.

  • How to register for your vaccine shots

Wondering how the government’s electronic vaccination system will work? The EVDS is a little confusing, so we love this explainer from the health journalists at Bhekisisa. In a nutshell: If you haven’t already, register yourself on the EVDS, wait (and pray) for your SMS, and then go to your allocated site with the unique vaccination voucher you were sent, along with your ID and medical aid details. Sites include Dischem and Clicks. 

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