Biden makes good

When Joe Biden beat out Donald Trump for the US presidency, the best most people could say about him was that he wasn’t Donald Trump. A doddering figure who came out of retirement to run, he didn’t exactly inspire confidence. 100 days into his presidency, which was marked this week, Biden is emerging as one of the US’s most progressive presidents. 

He is a darling of liberals with his more than making good on his campaign promises to tackle climate change, support for unions, a commitment to diversity and more. As the New York Times puts it: “After breaking through in the Democratic primaries as a centrist, Mr. Biden has surpassed his party’s expectations for the scale of his vision and moved sharply to the left in his early days in office.” 

He’s spending his way out of the Covid-19 economic crisis with a nearly $2-trillion stimulus package designed to get the economy moving, and has increased the ridiculously low taxes on the wealthiest Americans while creating more of a safety net for those who are vulnerable. But what we are most impressed with is Biden getting on board with the global issue of vaccine apartheid.

Last October, South Africa and Indian approached the World Trade Organisation about setting aside vaccine patent rules, to allow developing countries to produce vaccines faster. Wealthy nations fought back, saying this would stifle innovation. The two countries are trying again, and while intellectual property isn’t the only issue preventing developing countries from getting vaccinated, it’s an important cause. Biden has backed the proposed waiver on vaccine patents – and we’re here for it. 

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