India’s devastating Covid cases

What’s happening in India?? A new Covid-19 variant called B.1.617 is driving a deadly second-wave across that country. Since the start of April, daily infection rates have surpassed 200 000. In the last week alone, 300 000 new cases were reported every day, BBC reported. The capital, Delhi, is most affected but reports suggest that the virus is spreading to smaller cities as well. As the world looks on, hospitals in India are beyond overwhelmed. There aren’t enough beds or oxygen and people who desperately need treatment are being turned away, only for them to die on the streets. 
People have taken to social media to ask for medical assistance. Makeshift cemeteries in car parks and open fields are running 24/7. The variant alone is not the cause of the second wave: the country unwisely lifted its lockdown restrictions in December ahead of election season. People flocked to the election rallies held by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and, at the same time, people attended huge religious gatherings. Thankfully, foreign aid arrived or has been promised but will it be enough? Authorities fear not, but then they should do more to protect their citizens. 😐

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