Biden is NOT declaring a war on meat

Can you imagine the face of the millions of meat-loving Americans who thought President Joe Biden wanted to take away their beloved beef, because it’s not sustainable for the planet? Yoh! But Biden is not taking away America’s burgers – it’s just unfortunate that news publication MailOnline reported it that way. 

The publication referred to an academic paper that was in no way connected to Biden, which noted that if Americans reduced their beef consumption by 90%, there would be a 51% reduction in diet-related US greenhouse gas emissions between 2016 and 2030. 
Fox News interpreted that as Biden allowing Americans to eat only one burger a month. The opposition went berserk, using it as leverage to bring down Biden. The panic reached a fever pitch when a former economic advisor to Donald Trump said that Biden even wanted Americans to drink ‘plant-based beer’. Shh, don’t tell them that’s how all beer is made. 😂

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