Zoom fatigue

Sigh! We told you last week that Zoom has bolstered the field of plastic surgery because people were looking at their faces more often – but now we’re also just tired of seeing our screen. Think about those long dreadful meetings where you’re stuck on your seat with restless legs and a sore bottom, eyes fixed on the screen plus the awkward “Can you hear me now?” moments of online meetings. We don’t need research to tell us it gets tiring, but research does tell us that it affects women more than it does men. At least 14% of women complained of having Zoom fatigue compared to 6% of men. That’s because women work differently from men, or their meetings tend to be longer than men’s with shorter breaks – plus there are child care responsibilities in between. Youth are also feeling the pain, The Economist reported. So, ladies, next time you’re asked to sit in a long meeting, say you’re tired. Research will back you! 

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