Kim K is now a billionaire

Kim Kardashian West has just joined her soon-to-be ex-husband Kanye West in the billionaire’s club. Kim, owner of the cosmetic company KKW and shapewear Skims, had a net worth of $1bn (about R14.5bn), up from $780m in October, thanks to endorsement deals and several private investments. 

You may think all celebrities are this rich, but this achievement is actually pretty significant. To put it in perspective, Beyoncé’s net worth is less than half that and even Rihanna, whose business savvy is renowned, is valued at just over half Kim’s fortune. 

Kim’s younger sibling Kylie Jenner lost her place in the club last year after Forbes stripped her of her title: she was accused of inflating her business value. Jenner’s inclusion was controversial; she was dubbed a “self-made billionaire”. Critics felt that didn’t add up given her family’s enormous wealth and exposure. It’s all fascinating stuff – although the socialists within us can’t help but think there’s no such thing as a self-made billionaire in such a vastly unequal global economy…

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