Suez Canal: the great ship blockade

You know how bad traffic can get when just one car breaks down in the middle of the highway? Now imagine that happening at sea – except it’s not one car, it’s a massive 400 meter long container ship, and instead of the highway, it was wedged in Egypt’s Suez Canal for a WHOLE week. About 12% of global trade – mostly liquified gas, crude oil and coffee – goes through the Suez, according to Bloomberg, so trade delays were inevitable. For example, Europeans might have to go easy on the coffee because containers of the robusta coffee, the type used in Nescafe, were caught up in the traffic jam. The ripple effect will be felt throughout the globe. 
You know what else is going around the world? Memes. You may have seen a few doing the rounds. Our personal favourite is the popular one showing the HUGE ship beside a smaller crane trying to help it out – people are using the large ship as a metaphor for big problems and