SABC bites the bullet on retrenchments

It was a difficult decision but the SABC finally got its way after valiantly fighting through political pushback: 621 employees were retrenched after the process began in 2018. It had to happen. The SABC has a crazy wage bill of R3bn and Business Day reports that employees earn R800 000 a year on average! Us taxpayers can’t keep bailing them out. But that didn’t make it any easier to watch so many people lose their jobs – or take the hit for years of mismanagement by head honchos and government. 😔

One broadcaster, Desiree Chauke, broke down in tears while reading a bulletin. 346 employees opted for voluntary severance packages, while 275 employees were let go because the positions they occupied were redundant. As Business Day put it: “CEO Madoda Mxakwe has made a bold move by doing what he promised — it’s a decisive break from the past.”