Soz, Duduzane: Twitter likes don’t count at the polls

Duduzane Zuma has started his official campaign as future president. In a series of tweets last week, the Gupta favourite alluded to his political ambitions for the 2024 presidency; he’s hoping to challenge Cyril Ramaphosa for the ANC’s top spot. So, who is going to break the news to Duduzane that the ANC is not a monarchy? 🙄

Duduzane has no noteworthy political experience, other than being the son of former president Jacob Zuma. 

Duduzane has built a brand with his fans as a bit of a heartthrob. But he should note: thousands of Twitter likes don’t magically turn into votes. Just ask Julius Malema, a far more popular youth figure and experienced politician who still captured only 6.35% of the vote with his party’s first election. 

No wonder former ANC minister Derek Hanekom seemed highly unimpressed, referring to Duduzane as delusional. 

It’s always great to dream, Dudu, but some thoughts are best kept to yourself. 😉