Building a greener Joburg

Johannesburg’s electric vehicle (EV) rollout may be accelerated with the UK’s help; it just gave us R64 million to fund ten green projects. One is ambitiously aiming for all new buildings in Johannesburg to be “net-zero carbon” by 2030 and to support electric vehicle rollouts. 🚙 NPO Sustainable Energy Africa, which is spearheading the vehicle project, proposed the conversion of minibus taxis and busses to electric power, adding that the Rea Vaya bus rapid transit system is also a prime candidate for EV conversion, Business Insider reported. 

But this will also require sufficient solar-powered charging stations. Electric vehicles are not new to South Africa – you may have seen a few. BMW and Nissan’s Leaf are the pioneers of our country’s EV project, while Jaguar Land Rovers are also in the mix, Bloomberg reported. The UK’s generosity is a bid to drive climate recovery. The British High Commissioner, Nigel Casey, said: “I am delighted that we are launching this range of projects aimed at supporting green, resilient and inclusive economic growth in South Africa,” Business Insider reported.