BRIEF: Recovery on the jobs front

tie, necktie, adjust

After a torrid 2020, which saw about 3 million people losing their jobs in the first half of the year, we have some good news thanks to the survey with the worst name ever (National Income Dynamics Study Coronavirus Rapid Mobile Survey aka Nids-Cram). Whatever its name, it’s pretty reliable: a huge national household survey by more than 30 well-regarded researchers. They found that between June and October 2020 there was a strong recovery in employment. About 2.1 million people found a job during this time. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean the 3 million who previously lost their jobs lucked out: “Only half of [those who lost their jobs] have regained employment. But a third of those who were unemployed before the pandemic have now found work,” Business Day reports. So it’s largely swings and roundabouts. South Africa’s official unemployment rate is currently at 30.8%, but the latest rate is expected on Tuesday and Trading Economics forecasts that unemployment will drop by at least 1%.

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