BRIEF: Euphonik/Fresh story puts rape culture in the spotlight

Popular DJs, Fresh and Euphonik, will not be going on trial after allegations of sexual assault were levelled against them. The National Prosecuting Authority announced this week that it had decided not to prosecute the DJs, who were sacked from Primedia Broadcasting following the allegations. In a statement, the pair said they had been exonerated. But that is not true. Prosecutors sometimes decline to prosecute cases because they don’t think a winnable case can be brought to court. That doesn’t mean the person was found not guilty, or that the allegations weren’t true. It must be hard news for the woman in question, who, unbelievably, was notified via WhatsApp, News24 reports. But that is the least messy part of this story. 

 Fresh took to Twitter, saying a family member of his accuser had called him to say she lied about the allegations. The family responded to say that was not true either. If you’re concerned about rape culture in SA, tune in to Euphonik or Fresh’s Twitter feeds at your own peril. Much of the celeb world has come out in support of the woman, and we hope she’s getting the support she needs.

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