BRIEF: Hats off to SIU sleuths

Amidst daily reports of corruption, it’s easy to feel like SA’s authorities are not doing enough. But that’s not entirely true. The Special Investigating Unit (SIU), a government body headed by Advocate Andy Mothibi, has spent much of the past year quietly going after PPE tender crooks. 

The SIU investigates corruption, reclaims misspent or wasted money for the state, and refers cases for prosecution. It’s slow, difficult work that often goes unnoticed. 

Last week, the SIU released a report into its PPE investigation. It looked into 1774 service providers, painstakingly trawling through reams of paperwork and interviewing witnesses, Daily Maverick reports. It’s a tough job: some evidence – phones, computers and documents were reportedly destroyed, while SIU investigators were threatened.

More than R127 million has been recovered, and another R160 million is set to be recovered. That money goes back to the SA fiscus, and can be spent on schools and healthcare.

While the scale of PPE corruption is eye watering (and remember, this has happened all over the world), it’s a relief to know that Mothibi and his team are on the case.

This brief was originally published in The Wrap here.

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