BRIEF: Underground protests. How very British

When you’re used to seeing riots, chaos and millions of people take to the streets in protest, it’s kind of odd to hear that a group of people have decided to stage a sit-in, in an underground tunnel network. And that’s how we know: it must be the Brits. The protestors, who call themselves the HS2 Rebellion (spicy!),  secretly dug the tunnel themselves because they don’t want a railway project, called HS2, to go underway. This is happening in England as we speak. They say the development of HS2 will see at least 108 ancient woodlands “destroyed” and “countless people being forced from their homes and businesses”. It called on the government to scrap the “expensive, unpopular and destructive” scheme, The Guardian reported. HS2 Rebellion said they are prepared to stay underground “for as long as it takes to stop HS2”. 

This brief was originally published in The Wrap here.

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