BRIEF: Biden’s making good on climate change promises

When US president Joe Biden was on the campaign trail, he promised to make climate change one of his administration’s key pillars. Many skeptics said that, with so many climate change denialists and fossil fuel lobbyists stalking the halls of Washington D.C, he couldn’t do it. But he’s proving the critics wrong.

On day one of his presidency, the US rejoined the Paris agreement – a global commitment from world leaders to bring the globe’s carbon emissions under control that his predecessor Donald Trump controversially withdrew from in 2017.
The Guardian reports that Biden has instructed the US government to review all oil and gas drilling on government land and, impressively, ensure ALL government’s vehicles are electric.

He’s used his executive powers (read: overriding getting tied up by going through congress) to put climate at the front and centre of his presidency. Biden reportedly said, “We desperately need a unified national response to the climate crisis, because there is a climate crisis.”

This brief was published in The Wrap here.

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