Job vacancy: WhatsNews Managing Editor

WhatsNews, the holding company for news start-up explain.co.za and its digital agency arm, is expanding its team to include a full time managing editor on a fixed term contract for six months. 

This role will suit candidates with administrative skills, and experience inside a magazine or newspaper newsroom, preferably in journalism.  

The role covers three core responsibilities:

  1. Managing our growing digital agency arm
  2. Grant applications and reports
  3. General newsroom administration

No previous agency experience is required. 

Rather, we would prefer someone with LOTS of energy, common sense and a journalism background in order to manage our agency offering. For the rest: A meticulous attention to detail is required, as is a capacity to anticipate administrative requirements, the better to keep the newsroom running smoothly. Training will be provided where needed, eg with grant writing and keeping a ledger. We’re more interested in someone with the right, can-do attitude and, as we mentioned, the energy that is required for a start-up environment where everyone needs to get stuck in to make this thing fly. 

  • Time: Start as soon as possible, till end of February 2021, with strong possibility of renewal. 
  • Hours: Mon – Friday, 10am – 6pm, or similar. 
  • Report to the Managing Director, with campaign staff and relevant external administrative reporting to you
  • Location: Preferably Johannesburg, South Africa

Detailed breakdown of responsibilities:

  1. Digital agency 
    1. Assist the MD in landing new work
      1. Take the lead in onboarding new clients and assigning account managers
    2. Manage the unit
      1. Manage each client account and the attendant account manager who is assigned to each client
      2. Help with hiring of new account managers as needed
    3. Assist with doing actual campaign work where required for clients.
  1. Grants
    1. Maintain a constantly updated database of grant opportunities 
      1. Take the lead in pursuing new grant opportunities
      2. Regularly execute and submit grant applications
    2. Take the lead in maintaining current grant relationships
      1. Keep complete records of every funding or grant agreement in shared drive folder
      2. Maintain records and outcomes for grant requirements
      3. Manage team to meet grant requirements, with MD
      4. Execute grant reports as required
    3. Track all relevant competitions the organisation and its staff can enter and manage submissions
  1. General newsroom administration
    1. Keep track of costs, income and budget and liaising with external bookkeeper to keep books in order and make payments
    2. Manage all invoices, in partnership with other key members of the team, such as the explain editor
    3. Working with our HR consultant, to ensure compliance across the board, and relevant policies in place
    4. Maintain organisational diary and calendar, in partnership with the explain editor

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Applications close 21 August 2020.

Applications have been extended till mid-September. Please apply.