Rand regains its shine

We previously told you that our national wallet got a boost thanks to a commodities boom, giving the economy a temporary lift. Now we’re also happily seeing the Rand basking in some glory.🌞 Last month, economists said the local currency had become the world’s best performing emerging market currency – also thanks to the commodities …

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Keep it up, economy

More good news: South Africa’s economy, measured by our Gross Domestic Product (GDP), expanded by 1.1% in the first quarter of 2021 to 4.6% – better than the 3.1% that economists predicted. With the positive growth so far, economists have been reviewing their forecasts for economic growth. Some now say they expect the economy to …

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Adulting 101

Eskom has warned there’s a high probability of load-shedding this week. Check your schedule and charge your devices. Other than that, this week we’re looking at inflation – the overall increase in the price of goods and services. It’s usually an indication that things are a little out of balance in the economy, and unfortunately, …

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Adulting 101

Welcome to our new section, #adulting 101, where we bring you the latest news you need to know as an adult. Not the xxx type 🤭, but rather admin-related news that affects your life and your pocket. This week there’s vaccine registration and bank fees.  Phase 2 registration  If you are over 60 and haven’t …

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13 May ’21 Wrap: SA’s economy is ready to party again

OUR TAKE: WRONG MOVE, ACE By now you know the ANC’s secretary-general Ace Magashule has finally been suspended and is, of course, fighting back. Naturally, he posted a photo of himself playing chess. So much symbolism! The cunning! The strategy! The… technical error? That’s right: the shot shows Magashule about to move a pawn that …

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Building a greener Joburg

Johannesburg’s electric vehicle (EV) rollout may be accelerated with the UK’s help; it just gave us R64 million to fund ten green projects. One is ambitiously aiming for all new buildings in Johannesburg to be “net-zero carbon” by 2030 and to support electric vehicle rollouts. 🚙 NPO Sustainable Energy Africa, which is spearheading the vehicle …

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