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Adieu, Zondo. Now the real work starts

Remember when Thanos got the last infinity stone? We imagine that’s how President Cyril Ramaphosa is feeling now after receiving the fifth and sixth reports into state capture on Wednesday night. This is one more than initially expected (six infinity stones, six reports. Just saying). Quite unfortunate that, unlike Thanos, Ramaphosa can’t just snap state …

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The #Farmgate fallout continues

South Africans are still preoccupied with Ramaphosa’s biggest scandal to date: Farmgate, as it’s become known. The term trended several times on Twitter in the past week along with “Phala Phala” – the president’s private game farm in Limpopo where US$4 million in cash was stolen in 2020. It had been kept under wraps until …

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A white man has been appointed to the ConCourt. Here’s why that’s a good thing

Brrr! The cold front has arrived just in time for our Youth Day public holiday. 😭 Damn you, Winter! The Western Cape was hit first and Gauteng is now experiencing the chill – just as Eskom aka the princes of darkness warns us the grid is under strain. 🙄 Make sure your gas heater is …

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#DeafTok: a community worth celebrating

If you have teenagers in your life (or if you just love scrolling through endlessly entertaining content), you’re familiar with TikTok. It’s all about short, snappy video clips: think skits, lip-syncing and dancing. But like many social media apps, it was long not particularly friendly to deaf and hard-of-hearing users.  “Deaf influencer” Scarlet Waters has …

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 SA musician Lira suffers a stroke

Acclaimed South African Afro-pop musician, Lira, whose full name is Lerato “Lira” Molapo, suffered a severe stroke this week while in Germany for a performance. The multi-platinum selling artist, who is 43, had to be rushed back to South Africa to receive urgent treatment. Her management team said in a statement that the stroke has …

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Keep winter bugs at bay

Covid-19 is starting to feel like a nightmare from which we’re finally, slowly being roused. But with winter en route there are fresh concerns about another wave of the virus hitting SA. This is the nature of a pandemic, unfortunately. Experts say the predicted winter spike won’t be as bad as previous waves; however, this …

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