It seems like the ANC is hellbent on destroying itself from the inside. If it’s not former President Jacob Zuma campaigning for another party, it’s ANC Secretary-General Fikile Mbalula incriminating his party.

In a significant revelation, Mbalula admitted that the ANC misled Parliament to shield Zuma during the controversial Nkandla ‘fire pool’ scandal. 😱

This scandal, centred around lavish upgrades to Zuma’s private residence, including a controversial ‘fire pool’, has been a focal point of political and public scrutiny.

The situation raises serious questions about the integrity and accountability of the ANC in parliamentary matters. 

The timing of Mbalula’s admission is questionable; why now? Oddly, he released these statements soon after Zuma’s decision to campaign for the newly formed uMkhonto Wesizwe political party in the upcoming elections, marking a significant shift in the country’s political landscape.

Mbalula said that he was disappointed but not surprised at Zuma’s decision to campaign for the uMkhonto Wesizwe party, emphasising that Zuma effectively expelled himself. Critical of President Ramaphosa, Zuma accused him of undermining black professionals and pledged to campaign for the new MK party in the 2024 elections. Zuma happens to be doing this as a signed-up member of the ANC, whose constitution explicitly forbids him from these shenanigans.  

Mbalula has now clarified (more like backtracked)  his earlier comments about the ANC’s defence of Zuma during the Nkandla scandal, emphasising that the party was duty-bound to understand the facts before acting and was protecting its president by allowing due process under the constitution.

This is not a good look for the ANC again amid the upcoming elections, as the public is getting ready to decide who to vote for.