Don’t invest in solar until you read this 💡


Ever thought about getting solar energy going in your home? With the state of South Africa’s energy crisis it makes sense, plus you’d tread more lightly on the earth. But wow, the options out there are dizzying. Are we the only ones trying to figure out what a kilowatt-hour is??

Before you splash out tens or hundreds of thousands on solar for your home, we HIGHLY recommend spending just R295 on Urban Earth’s course about how to choose the right system. They have a class coming up on 10 May 2022 – that’s a Tuesday.

You need to understand your needs first, get a sense of what you can afford and be guided through the available options. Urban Earth has been in the environmental consulting game for over ten years, working on great projects across the country, so we trust them on this. We’ve told you about their courses before and attended one: they’re small, with individual attention from one of the company’s highly experienced co-founders.

You’ll learn:

  • About the components of a Solar PV System
  • How to work out which size of solar PV system is the right fit for your home      
  • About grid-tied and non-grid-tied solar systems 

We especially loved the calculation tool they share with course participants to help work out how long it will take to pay back a solar PV solution in terms of electricity saved. 

Plus you get a further R50 off as an explain subscriber! Just use the code “explain” at check out. Take a look at their upcoming courses here and tell them we sent you! 

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