Malema parliament scuffle: Pan-African edition

What the heck is going on with the Pan-African Parliament? The AU’s legislative body has been meeting at its seat in Midrand over several days to elect new leadership. 

But repeated fights have broken out over how the body’s powerful president is elected, pitting Southern African delegates against the rest. Naturally, our very own Julius Malema, one of SA’s delegates, was at the centre of the fighting. 🤦🏾

SA and Zimbabwean delegates want a rotational presidency to replace the current system where the most votes win the presidency. Critics say this is a ploy to prolong Zimbabwe’s acting leadership.

Last week Malema threatened to kill a delegate from Mali… after the Malian allegedly threatened to kill him first. Then on Tuesday, he created a fresh scuffle, jumping out of his seat when the chair refused to open the floor to debate. 

It looks like more theatre of the absurd by the EFF leader, who notoriously uses these sort of tricks to disrupt SA’s parliament.

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